We are actively involved in creating the future.

We introduce a new DNA into the old cells and this is what our name literally means.

Innovation and creativity. Information and communication technologies. Biotechnology and artificial intelligence on the immediate horizon.

We hack by introducing codes that transform the system: sustainability, equity, creativity, parity and collaboration.

We cultivate ethical and humanistic values to renew the world.

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What do we do...

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We co-create new paradigms


Our projects


Our societies age and to serve the elderly and make it possible for them to stay in their homes, ICTs will be crucial.


Transhumanism is the evolution to a transversal reality, towards a new collective and individual state of the human being.



The neighbourhood with the most depressed socio-economic indicators in Europe, a laboratory to launch ICT proposals for social transformation.



Inspired by 5G barcelona, analysis of the details of the implementation of this technology and plasmacion in a book published in 3 languages.

Art and culture

We believe in a participatory and transformative culture. We use technology in art and find new, more egalitarian ways of being in the world.


How to put ICT, AI, robotics and Blockchain at the service of more sustainable cities and alleviate the climate effect on the planet.


Research and implementation of the new educational and formative paradigms derived from the technological revolution, where a digital alter ego arises.



Technology as a collaborative tool that allows to promote healthy eating habits.

We collaborate with ambitious knowledge organizations and individuals; We'd love to build something great together.


we collaborate with: